How To Install Acer Drivers On Windows 8?

How to Install Acer Drivers on Windows 8?

To install Acer driver on a computer running Windows 8 operating system, you first need to download the Acer driver. Driver software is a device which uses to work with your PC. In this regard, you should know that the Windows comes with many devices. Whether it is the display, keyboard, or printer; every single device needs a driver to work with your Acer desktop or laptop. As per the officials of Acer Technical Support, drivers get updated occasionally. The user can install the updated drivers or Windows 8 can update them automatically. In the next section, we will discuss how to download and install Acer drivers effortlessly.

How to download Acer Drivers?

Open your web browser

Type and press the Enter key

Go to the Additional Resources section

Click on Driver Downloads

Now you are urged to visit Select Your Product dialog box

Choose the product type in the Select Family menu

Select the product line and model type

Download all the Drivers that you need for your computer

Save the downloaded files in a suitable location on your computer

How to install downloaded Acer Drivers?

Open the downloaded folder

Extract all files

Make double-click on the folder having the same name as the downloaded file

Right-click the install.exe or setup.exe file; run as administrator

Start the installation routine by clicking on Yes

Perform the installation by following on-screen instructions

Restart the system after you have completed the installation

Request a Call

You are always open to request a call if you need any help from the technical team. It is very easy to avail technical assistance. The technical team associated with Acer Technical Support is reliable enough. It is steered by a team of highly qualified people. These people are known for their work dedication, honest work ethics, and user-friendliness. To get connected, you can dial the helpline number, request for chat support, or fill up the forum form.



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